Gladio World

Gladio is a brand new high energy drink. To attract the customers and to stand out from the numerous other beverages offered currently at the market, the concept are based on one main strong idea: the roman gladiators. The design was kept simple by only using two parts: the helmets and combat of gladiators with wild lion. Here, dark light symbolizes the occurrence of strength, whereas red side for ancient romans and blood color.

  • — category: branding, packaging
  • — year: 2016

Gladio mini is a refreshing drink, appealing to mothers who care about the health of their young children. This drink has a fruity flavour and is rich in vitality and strength, which is why historical characters’ names, Viking, Pirate and Gladiator were chosen. These characters are perfect examples of energy, which delight the creative minds of children, an important element in the selling of this original product, in a continually expanding market.

Each flavour is represented by a specific colour and the drink is available in two packages, 500 ml and 250 ml. The 250 ml package is distinctively innovative. By pushing lightly on the cap the water becomes coloured and takes on the flavour of one of the three available flavours. Gladio mini is a flat drink, without gas, ideal for children who want a quality product which is still fun.